Bundaberg tvc

This was an interesting project. Bundy rum ads at the time were known for the Bundy ‘Ozzie’ bear. The client wanted Bundaberg to go into a more sophisticated direction, feeling that the brand can live comfortably with another audience. We arm wrestled them on this direction, but if we didn’t oblige, there were 11 other creative teams within the agency that would’ve jumped at the chance. So below is the result of a more sophisticated approach to the brand. We threw in the bear, albeit a real one for a second. And put forward the talented Jeff Darling to film it. He does have a good eye.

Writer: Monty Noble
Art director: Andy Iles
Director: Jeff Darling
Agency: Leo Burnett

With the appetite for new products to be launched regularly, especially in the RTT category, Bundaberg rum gave it a push with Bundaberg Premium. The budget wasn’t anywhere near that of the main brand, but we had a lot of fun with creating ‘There’s a fancy dress down the road’ spot. Great excuse to have the new product name mentioned many times throughout. There’s no way this commercial would be made today. An Indian playing an American Indian. White dwarfs as black basketball players. Giants as dwarfs. Dutch girl with her finger in a dyke. The safest scene is the bondage couple at the end! My favourite character was the one that couldn’t make into the bottlo – a guy in a Dr Who Dalek costume.

Writer: Monty Noble
Art director: Andy Iles
Director: Rowan Dean
Agency: Leo Burnett
Awards: The World’s Funniest Commercials tv show appearance 1999

Bundaberg Premium launch tvc

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