Johnnie Walker

Well what can I say. Probably too ahead of its time. We had to work with the line ‘Wherever there’s a revolution, there’s a splash of red’. We interpreted a revolution to be as social one, and the campaign was born. The second in the series was a black man winning at Augusta. Remember Augusta Golf Club only recently have accepted African Americans even playing the course, let alone becoming a member. We were struggling with the third concept, when we got the news from the UK that under no circumstances will the ‘lesbian wedding ad’ ever run. And never ran it did. But it has made some awesome lists in its history. Google it.

Writer: Dave Shirlaw
Art Director: Andy Iles
Others involved: CD Greg Alder & Paul Figg
Senior team: Andrew Cox, Meegan Wisheart
Director: Wayne Maul
Agency: Leo Burnett

The infamous way ahead of its time ad that never ran….
Print ad inside Opera Australia programme – sponsorship. I actually got this type set in metal and then photographed it.

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