Sunny Queen Farm Gonski project

Sunny Queen Farms wanted even more Facebook likes for their brand mascot, Sunny the egg. He was hovering around the 55,000 mark. The challenge was to get him to 100,000. Because he was so innocent, we created his arch villain, Eggor, the Evil egg (his long lost brother, who has popularity issues). We hijacked Sunny’s Facebook page, and presented the viewers with 12 videos, one a week, threatening to kill Sunny via precarious means if he doesn’t get to 100,000 likes. Let’s see how loved Sunny really is…..

Writer: Jeff Smith
Art Director: Andy Iles
Digital Wiz: Steve Mair
Other contributors: Steve Scholly, Andrew XXX,
Director/Camera/Editor: Noel Smyth
Awards: 2012 BADC Finalist Innovative – Non Traditional Media Innovative category, BADC Client of the Year, BADC Bronze Digital & New Media – Social Media, BADC Silver Craft Art Direction and medium

Gonski intro
Gonski – Eggapult
Gonski – Kerplunkski
Gonski – Shark
Gonski – Slice
Gonski – Beater
Gonski – Dizznyland
Gonski – Train
Making of…
Making of….

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